Brian William Waddell (don't worry, he isn't an assassin, he uses his middle name to differentiate himself from a couple famous Brian Waddells) is a long time small-l libertarian who just recently realized the difference he could make if he took on a big-L too. He's no constitutional lawyer, or lawyer of any kind for that matter, just a writer who has clear and consistent views on individual freedoms and who wants to share them with you.

Born and raised in a "conservative" household in Fresno, California, in his formative years Brian traveled to many of the Northeastern cities that figured in our nation's battle for independence and the formation of our government. He also was lucky enough to travel to multiple European nations during his youth. This life experience, along with varied athletic and artistic activities, helped shape his world view and entrenched the ideas of an egalitarian (in opportunity, not in outcome) and free society.

Brian William Waddell is a foodie, beer geek, and author. His numerous blog posts range from food to politics. He also has a book of poetry, Fractured Prose, available here, and is ready to publish his second poetic endeavor.